About Gym Jones

Our training philosophy is inspired by Gym Jones

What is Gym Jones?

A frequently asked question by many people new to our gym. Gym Jones is located in Salt Lake City, USA. Having said that, Gym Jones is also much more than a physical space. It is an ethos, an approach to training and a philosophy that binds individuals together. Everybody involved with Gym Jones places the highest value on the community and the extended Gym Jones family. The group is bound together across the world through a common set of ideals and the Gym Jones instructors who uphold and share the standards through their extended communities. In Sweden, Gym Jones is represented exclusively by two gyms; Evolve Fitness in Stockholm and the CMD gym in Motala.

What makes training according to this philosophy different?

There are some common themes that bind the Gym Jones community together and we will emphasise these components as they relate to what we offer at Evolve Fitness; attitude and commitment, community and environment, and a structured and planned training program.

Attitude and commitment

One of the key values in the Gym Jones philosophy is attitude. Anyone can do the work, anyone can have the right attitude, anyone can make the choice to commit to the training program and get results. You don't have to be special in terms of your ability but you do have to be committed and consistent. You have to enjoy your training, you have to enjoy the process. To put simply, you will need to put your head down and do the work. This is the attitude we promote at Evolve Fitness, as we know this is the attitude that will get you results. This focus on attitude and commitment and the importance it plays in our development is encapsulated through the phrase "the mind is primary".

Community and environment

Developing a community is a hugely important factor in the Gym Jones philosophy. We work together for the common goal of improvement. We share in each other's successes and we are supportive through the challenges. Friendships are forged when spending time working with like-minded individuals. Training in the right environment, with the right people will have a positive influence on results.


Gym Jones values programming. Ideally, training programs should be individualised. If you have a specific goal then a specific program will be required. However, for most recreational athletes this is not always applicable and a more general program will take you a long way with the right support, guidance and adaptations where necessary. The programming respects the individuality of the athlete and the individuality of their needs. There will always be a balance between intensity and recovery.

These components are by no way mutually exclusive. Without commitment, consistency and enjoyment, you can have the best training program in the world but it still won't be effective. Our emphasis at Evolve is on providing a progressive training program in a constantly improving environment to allow our athletes to grow.