Evolve Online

About EVOLVE Online

EVOLVE Online is our training app and a variation of our black program that we do everyday here in the gym. It has a variety of workouts and offers 6 training sessions per week - 3 challenging workouts and 3 structural/recovery workouts.

The focus is on general physical fitness and gives the user the opportunity to work on strength, strength endurance, power, power endurance and endurance. The structural and recovery workouts are an important component of the program and included to help you get the most from your training.

Each training session includes instructions on how to complete the workout and advice should you need to scale or adjust based on your level of fitness.



How to start with the program

EVOLVE Online is for those who have some kind of training history, are not completely new to the gym and are now looking for a new challenge or direction. All of the equipment required can typically be found in most gyms.

The program comes in an easy to use downloadable app for use at every training session, but can also be viewed via any web browser. The program is organised by date. We recommend that you start with the program on the next available training day that corresponds with same date on the app.

For example;

If you purchase the program on Saturday 20th May and download it on that day, but your next available training day is 22nd May, then start your training with the session on the app for 22nd May.

The program is updated on the last day of each month.


Sign in to the EVOLVE Online training app via your Google account

The app operates via Google and users sign in with their usual Gmail account details.

When you purchase our training app, please make sure to provide a valid Gmail adress to avoid unnecessary delays after you have purchased the program.

The program will be delivered to you as soon as your funds have cleared. Usually, this process takes no more than 36 hours.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about EVOLVE Online.