Our program and session types

General Athletic development: Our general program is an advanced periodised training plan consisting of a variety of challenging workouts with a focus on general physical preparedness. We apply a conjugate method to the program with a specific monthly focus on either strength, power or power endurance over a 4-6 week block. Progress will be tracked and measured against your individual standards that we will establish together as you start this program. This program is our base program that will allow you to become familiar with the aspects below.

Strength: Workouts with a strength focus will use repetitions of weights that are close to your maximum in some of the major lifts. Variations of the deadlift, squat and forms of press are used as the basis for the strength aspect of our program.

Strength endurance: Repeated strength lifts with usually 50-60% of your maximum weight.

Power: Workouts that increase your ability to use your strength explosively with sleds, running and jumping.

Power endurance: Repeated hard efforts or circuits with little or no rest, often done with light weights or bodyweight or with the ski erg or the rowing machine.

Gymnastics: These sessions are inspired by how some of the strongest and most agile athletes in the world train; the gymnasts. Your athleticism is an expression of what you've built on top of your foundation. The athletes who goes off to be olympic champions developed their foundation at a very young age, and continued evolving from there. The rest of us didn't get the same opportunity. Here we go back to learn the basic movement patterns, the ones that transfers over to all human performance. This we do by safely exploring our boundaries. What needs to get stronger, we strengthen. What needs to be more flexible, we stretch. What needs to be learned, we learn.
Row/Ski: The focus is on building a foundation while improving technique and
efficiency on the Concept 2 indoor rowing machine or Ski erg. The program will have some test distances for you to work towards. The distances are dictated by the direction of your rowing goals, whether that’s the a distance such as 2k, building volume for an event such as Vasaloppet, or to compliment your general physical fitness program.
Structural and mobility: The structural workouts allow you to address identified areas of improvement, manage imbalances and improve mobility. We want to minimise the risk of injury as much as possible and the control and focus that’s applied through these workouts provides a preventative aspect to theses sessions. The structural and recovery workouts are a vital part of our program and training plan.

Frequently asked questions

How do I join? We offer an introduction program for all prospective members. This program is two weeks and provides an introduction to our training philosphy.

How long is a session? All training sessions are 60 minutes.

How often can I train? Our membership and pricing structure is determined by the number of sessions you wish to attend per week (minimum 3 sessions).
Please contact us or book a visit if you are interested in learning more about our membership.


Bespoke programs

All our workouts within the general training program have the facility to be adapted to challenge each individual. Should you have any other specific needs or training goals then we do offer individual programming. Please note places for this service are limited. Examples of our bespoke programs are listed below.

EVOLVE Functional Mass Gain: For those looking to gain some serious mass and
increase strength while still retaining their athleticism and ability to function
well. This program comes with some extra nutrition advice which is a vital
element when gaining size and strength. This is a demanding 3 month
challenge and is not for everyone.

Read more about one of our client's experience on the FMG program.


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