Semi-individual FMG

”It has been the most challenging and fun training experience of my life!”


Ivan Dedic had been training with us for six months when he decided to get on our Functional Mass Gain program. This is his testimonial from that period.

"I started on the program simply because I wanted to get bigger, stronger and to learn how to push myself to lift heavier. I had been training with Evolve for 6 months prior to this 3 month program and weighed 80kg when I started the FMG program.

I gained weight quickly the first 2 months on the program and was working hard to keep up with the amount of food that I was advised to eat as well as the volume of the program. While I had looked forward to starting on this program I remember thinking ”What the f’**k am I doing?” quite early on during the first training session. It was not easy. The third month on the program was particularly tough but I wanted to complete the thee month block to see how far I could push myself.

In the end it paid off and my friends said that they could see a big difference in my body during the time I was doing this program. In all, I gained 11.6 kg. This weight gain and strength improvement that I saw myself exceeded my expectation by far."