Our team Carl-Henrik Mustelin

Carl-Henrik Mustelin

Carl-Henrik is a behavioural scientist and has a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy. A few years after graduating, he led a team of trainers at MTR and was responsible for training all the company’s operational staff in the Stockholm subway. Side by his studies and work, he found Gymnastic Strength Training which fully caught his interest. A couple of years later he travelled to Denver, Colorado to attend a Gymnastic bodies level 1 seminar. Filled with new knowledge and inspired by the people he met, he decided he would soon turn his passion into his profession.

Evolve gymnastics

Carl-Henrik connected with Anthony Sullivan through a common friend in 2016. He got interested in Anthony's way of coaching and saw synergies combining gymnastic training with the Gym Jones approach. In 2017 Carl-Henrik decided to follow his heart and quit his job at MTR in order to free up time to build something brand new and unique. He now works with Evolve, in charge of the gymnastics programme and mobility classes. Carl-Henrik has opened the eyes of many Evolve members, including the head coach, proving that it's possible to increase your flexibility no matter how stiff you think you are.