The trial week and a think about

Our first trial week was a major success with 7 new members joining our project.

A sincere thank you to our existing members for welcoming them into our space. It's in this process that I've witnessed the team spirit and culture we're trying to build. Supported and encouraged we will grow together. We are evolving, we are developing.

We have some truly outstanding people in our environment that lead the way with their work ethic and application. They are inspirational to be around. They inspire me to improve. Their contribution to our environment is far more valuable than numbers on a screen or positions on a table. We are fortunate to have good people in our group, good people to be around. People that you want to share experiences with. People that are willing to work hard together to get what they want from their training. You become who you hang around and you’ll be highly motivated in this company.

Good people attract good people.

The culture we are building, the commitment we offer, are what sets us apart from other gyms. We are building a team. We are part of a community in Gym Jones, a community that sets an example to those that want something more. We use their example to forge our environment. The right environment produces the right results.

We are not yet where we want to be. We are a work in progress. We are also on a journey.

We encourage our members to learn from their experiences with us, to challenge themselves to go beyond what they once thought they were capable of. To realise their full potential. To use their failures and successes to become something more. These learning experiences are everywhere if you know where to look.

A supplemental part of a workout this week required 2x 60s "all out" efforts on the concept2 rowing erg with some rest in between.

These efforts are teaching tools. For some the first attempt isn't all out, as they go faster on the second attempt. A true all out effort should leave you in such a state that you can't go faster the second time, which happened with others.

Either result should prompt thought.

Some honest self reflection should help you for the future.

If you were able to go faster on your second run there are a number of things to ask yourself.

Did you hold back on the first attempt knowing you had another to follow?

Did you feel that you had more when you finished the first effort so was able to go harder the second time? What did you learn about pacing for next time?

If you went "all out" what did you learn? Could you have paced it better? Could you have gone further with better control? Did you have a strategy? Did you even think about it?

Did you really go all out?

How do you know?

Next time if there is only one "all out" effort, will your approach be different?

Answers to these questions should inform you for the next time "all out" appears on the board.

We want you to pay attention, learn from your efforts. Become more, become better. Improve yourself. Improve those around you. Be a part of an environment that wants to empower its members and knows that the “we” is much more important than the “I”.

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